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Confidentiality is important to D.O. Software. A legal confidentiality agreement
similar to the one below is signed for every D.O. Software client.

Confidentiality Agreement

1. Trade Secrets and Confidential Information: For the purpose of this agreement, “trade secrets” and “confidential information” shall mean all information, processes, product information, methods, practices, fabrication techniques, technical plans, customer lists, new information, contracts, and all other compilations of information (whether or not designated or marked “confidential” or the like), which relate to the company and which have not been disclosed by the company to the general public.

For the purposes of this agreement, the term “inventions” shall mean all devices, designs, ideas, processes, methods, products and discoveries and improvements of every kind, whether or not shown or described in writing or reduced to practice, and whether or not patentable or copyrightable, which relate to any of the company’s present or future manufacturing, research or development, or any other business activity, or which relate to any foreseeable business interest or activity of the company.

For the purposes of this agreement, “invents” or “invented” shall mean developed, perfected, devised, conceived, created, or first reduced to practice or writing.

2. Nondisclosure of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets: At no time shall D.O. Software use or disclose (directly or indirectly) any confidential information or trade secrets of the company except as required in the course of my rendering services on behalf of the company. D.O. Software shall hold in strictest confidence all of the company’s confidential information, inventions, and trade secrets, which obligation shall survive the termination of this agreement.

3. The Company’s Property: All equipment, devices, parts, mockup, finished or unfinished machinery, product or equipment, drawings, blueprints, notes, notebooks, memoranda, specifications, and documents or materials of whatever kind or nature relating to the company’s business, whether prepared by myself or otherwise, which come into my possession, are the exclusive property of the company’s. All such items which D.O. Software may have possession of shall be returned to the company upon the company’s request.

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